Registration procedure

Terms of Access

Enrollment is open to tenured teachers (with at least one year of seniority) holding a doctorate or a recognized equivalent degree and also to holders of a doctorate or doctoral degree.

Enabling application process

It has three stages:

The admissibility of the Application for Registration (RDI)
The appointment of experts
The presentation before a jury
Admissibility of the application for registration (RDI)

For the admissibility of the dossier, a minimum of one (01) publication is required in a well-established journal on the results of scientific work not paid in the doctoral thesis. books, mimeographed, online courses justified by at least one mimeograph).

The study of the files by the scientific committees and councils, must be based on the provisions of the decree 98-254 of August 17, 1998 and the decree 521 of September 05, 2013 in particular, the scientific works presented by the candidate must relate on the research not paid into the doctoral thesis and justified by publications and communications.

If a favorable opinion is issued, the registration authorization of the candidate is pronounced by the Rector on the proposal of the Dean of the Faculty.

Designation of experts

After the official registration of the candidate, the CSD must appoint three (03) experts (at least 02 with the rank of Prof) as rapporteurs, including one (01) at least foreign to the applicant's home institution, competent in their area of ​​expertise.

The choice of rapporteurs must be argued and confirmed by the CSF. Jointly and subject to the opinion of experts a defense panel (see step) may be proposed.

Expert assessments are confidential and must be submitted to the head of the institution within a period not exceeding the prescribed period.

Presentation before the jury

If the opinions of the three experts are favorable, the Rector appoints the defense jury on the proposal of the scientific bodies of the faculty and the department. The defense jury is composed of 3 to 6 members, one-third of whom are at the month and half at the most. is outside the candidate's institution. The three (03) rapporteurs who have reviewed the candidate's work are part of the jury as invited members.