For the Magister Training

The training for the Magister's diploma is aimed at deepening knowledge in a particular scientific field, introducing research techniques, familiarising oneself with methods of analysis, reasoning and building an appropriate protocol for investigations and/or experimentation.

Access to training for the magister's diploma is open, by means of a competitive examination, to holders of a long-term diploma or an equivalent recognised diploma. The procedures for organising competitions are specified by order of the Minister for Higher Education.

Access to training for the Magister's diploma may be granted, without competition, to holders of a long-term diploma, major graduating majors at the end of their graduation studies in the Magister's training pole.

 Composition of the registration file

The file contains: 
Registration form to download (Arabic, French).
Birth certificate (12)
Photocopies of diplomas (Bac, Licence).
03 Photos
Postgraduate registration form to download (Arabic, French).
Work plan to download (Arabic, French).
Sample of the CERIST scientific and technical information research centre to download.
Receipt of registration fees
Declaration on honour to download.
 (The file must be in 02 copies, one for the Vice Rector of the Post - Graduation and the other for the faculty)

 NB: Forms and sheets can be downloaded from the website of the Vice Rectorate of Higher Education in the 3rd Cycle of the University Accreditation of Scientific Research and Post-Graduation Training - www.Univ-Guelma.Dz-

Composition of the re-registration file

 The file contains:

Registration form signed by the student, the supervisor and the president of the scientific council of the department. To download (Arabic, French).
Work plan signed by the student and the supervisor to download (Arabic, French).     
Release of reinstatement fees
Declaration of honour to download.
Evaluation form to download.
Numbers registered in Magister & support achieved "Year 2015 -2016" /-------------> 

Numbers registered in Magister & support carried out "Year 2014-2015" /-------------->